The Science

We all have had issues with our scalp and/or hair at some point in life — the scalp is dry, flaky, oily or greasy, battling dandruff or psoriasis… the hair is dry, dull, lifeless… the list is different for everyone but the problem all starts in the same place — the scalp!

By treating the scalp first, creating a healthy and balanced environment, many of these problems diminish or disappear altogether.

Problem #1 — Poor Scalp Environment On the Surface

The scalp accumulates buildup on a regular basis, whether it’s naturally with sebum, dry skin or environmental pollutants or with the use of hair products. This accumulation fills the hair’s infundibulum*, covers the scalp and can reach up the hair shaft. This hinders a healthy follicle and scalp, makes natural hair growth slower and can reduce new hair growth because of clogged follicles.

Solution #1

While shampooing can reduce the accumulation of buildup on the scalp and hair, it doesn’t fix the problem. Accumulation happens all day, every day. Shampooing too often strips the scalp of sebum which triggers the sebaceous gland to begin to overproduce, creating an oily scalp and hair that has to be shampooed daily. So how do you keep the scalp clean? Scalp Spa Stimulant! It’s ingredients are antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, and antimicrobial so it dissolves build up, cleans the scalp, kills fungus, bacteria and microbes and treats the scalp with each use.

Scalp after Liquid Science Treatment
Problem #2 — Poor Scalp Environment Below the Surface

Good blood flow is imperative to the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle. The scalp’s circulatory system consists of capillaries — thin blood vessels. Because these blood vessels are so tiny, circulation on the scalp is not as strong as other parts of the body. The lack of strong blood flow hinders the bodies ability to deliver oxygen and key nutrients to the scalp to support a healthy environment.

Solution #2

Increasing blood flow can be achieved in a number of ways, including the use of massage or vasodilating products. All Liquid Science products include ingredients that encourage increased circulation to the scalp, also known as vasodilators. Some of these ingredients include eucalyptus, peppermint, spearmint, clove, burdock root, grape seed oil, wild mint, kaolin clay and more. For massage, try the Liquid Science Scalp Scrubber to encourage blood flow. For products, begin a regimen of Scalp Spa Cleanser and Conditioner on a regular basis, Scalp Spa Stimulant daily and Clay Therapy up to once a week.

Numerous studies support the view that better blood flow leads to better hair and reduction of hair loss.

*The funnel shaped opening at the scalp which the hair exits the follicle through)