Spa Mist II

Spa Mist II

The Spa Mist II is used within the Scalp Spa Treatment featuring Spa Mister and can be used as the heat source for the Clay Therapy Treatment. This machine creates a warm micro mist the gently penetrates the hair and scalp to ready it for services.

For use in the Scalp Spa Treatment featuring Spa Mister — to start your treatment your stylist will cover the hairline with a wrap and then the treatment cap. The Spa Mister attachment hooks into the treatment cap to begin filling it with warm micro mist. This step is not only relaxing, it warms the debris on the scalp, softening it and liquifies solid sebum that builds up on the scalp and hair. With this complete, the exfoliating step that follows will have a greater chance to remove all the lifted remains to thoroughly cleanse the scalp.

The Spa Mister is also used for aromatherapy. Once the treatment cap is removed, the attachment is given an aroma-therapy ring to infuse the micro mist with your favorite scent. The warmed micro mist is pumped into the shampoo bowl to keep the scalp and hair warm throughout the re-mainder of the service and gives you a scent journey to further the deep relaxation and enjoyment.

For use with the Clay Therapy Treatment — after cleansing with Scalp Spa Cleanser and application of Clay Therapy, the Spa Mister can be used with the treatment cap to penetrate deeply into the scalp and hair for a treatment that will be sealed in and last!