Scalp Spa Treatment featuring Spa Mister

Before the treatment, a scalp analysis is performed to determine any problem areas or scalp conditions. You will lay back and relax as the scalp is prepped with warm micro mist, followed by a deep penetrating scalp exfoliant, cleanse, massage and condition. Enjoy aromatherapy and sound therapy throughout the service, as well as Japanese shampooing and massaging techniques to deliver a spa-like experience that is like getting a facial for your scalp! This service ends with a final Scalp Analysis to see the transformation and Scalp Spa Stimulant application.


You will feel calm and rejuvenated and your scalp will feel clean and healthy! The techniques used throughout this service boosts blood circulation for a healthier scalp and removes debris and buildup for a healthy foundation for strong, healthy hair!


Want to boost the shine and strength of your hair at the same time?

Add Scalp Spa Clay Therapy to any Treatment or as a service by it-self!