About Liquid Science

Scalp Spa Scrub Mixture

After decades of client complaints about scalp and hair conditions, and no reliable products to advise, the idea for Liquid Science began to take shape. Seeing their clients need for something that would address their ongoing complaints and conditions, professional hairstylists worked closely with industry leading chemists to engineer a product that addresses the root of all beauty – the scalp.

Through years of development, Scalp Spa Technology was created — a propriety blend of top of the line ingredients that powers Scalp Spa Stimulant.

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With the development of Scalp Spa Technology, the Liquid Science product line was created with Scalp Spa Stimulant. This product started it all and is still hailed as the ‘hero’ product. Since, Liquid Science has added a full line of scalp and hair products: Cleanser, Conditioner, Scrub, Stimulant, Serum, and Clay Therapy.